Sunday, January 4, 2009

Page 1 of Week 1

I have decided to scrap a week at a time for the 365 Project. So here is the first half of the first week. It has been so nice to just sit and scrap over the holidays that it is going to be very hard going back to work tomorrow. I don't know if I will get a whole week of photos as my life is quiet and kindof boring, but I have decided if I don't get a photo I will either journal a bit more or add a quote or something that is meaningful to me or even something that is just plain silly!

Off to walk the big, black, furry beast!


scrappy weiss said...

i was just chatting with mel about this and i'm doing a layout per month, instead of week. it will be a bit more challenging but i'm planning on a two page monthly layout. i'll keep you posted. great "first week" for you. good luck with the "beast". xoxo erin

Julie said...

Great job! I'm doing my LOs by the week too!