Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feelin' Crafty

Lou from LouCee Creations has an adorable new kit out called "Feelin' Crafty". It is filled with amazing elements for all those
layouts filled with creative projects or just those little artists! Or if you are as talented as Lou is, all those hybrid projects! You can find it at Digital Scrap Obsession.

Hooe you all have those PayPal accounts loaded up for this weekend - National Scrapbook Day! Sales are popping up all over the scrapping world. Be sure to check out the one at Scrap That Idea. 50% off....woohoo!

Digiridoo Scraps is still off-line and I am missing my girls!!!! Hopefully things will be up and running soon-----however, my fellow CT member, Sharon, whom I am designated as my creative muse, has hooked me up over at Deviant Scrap. OMG - another obsession to add to my list! What an amazing place - the ladies over there are so talented it makes my eyes hurt! This style of scrapping is so out of my comfort zone but I am absolutely loving it, plus I don't have to journal and no one minds, in fact it is encouraged! I spent so much time at Deviant Scrap on Tuesday that I have fallen behind on all my creative team obligations (sshhhh...don't tell my designers!) Here are my efforts.

I received a GSO for this one - the challenge was to design a postcard. It felt like I was back in the 70's when I was designing this - it was so much fun to just let loose and go with the challenge!

I am particularly proud of this one as I received a GSO at Digiridoo and also Deviant Scrap.

Really you all need to give the art journaling a try - you will be hooked!!!!

Off to do many, many layouts....


Denise said...

I am convinced. I am gonna break out of cluster shell and do some art journaling...eventually. :)

Erika H. said...

Oh, I had to go and check out Deviant Scraps when it opened and have awed at all the talent there. I LOVE your creativity. You are amazing!